Sunday, September 18, 2011

Knowledge Taught Only at the School of Hardknocks!

If this redhead could download hard learned lessons to someone so they would not have to learn the hard way - Here are just a few!

1.       CYA – If you don’t, no one else will.
2.       Be Honest, when you start lying where does it end?  Then you start to forget what your lie was, just be honest!
3.       Don’t say anything about anyone that you would not say to their face.  Don’t be naive enough to think it will not get back to them anyway, so be prepared to face the subject of your comment at anytime.  An easy way to make this a comfortable discussion, remember if you wouldn’t say it to their face don’t say it behind their back.  It most surely will come back around, it always does.
4.       Choose your battles, being a redhead I have the fiery temper and passion that comes with the red hair.  So I am very careful to choose my battles, some battles are lost before they begin, some battles don’t really matter if you win or lose, some battles only make you look like an idiot, so choose the battle that can be won gracefully, that matters when it is won, and that can improve you or those around you.
From Your New Favorite Redhead!!!!

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