Saturday, April 28, 2012

In Need of Mentoring, Sponsoring or Maybe Some Advocating?

No matter our position or title within our company, we can never have a network that is too full.  We all need Mentors, Sponsors and Advocates, these are the people that help us succeed.

·         Coaching and Developing
·         Share your strengths and weaknesses with openly
·         Day to day conversations
·         Candid, timely, in the moment

·         Talk about you, talk you up to others
·         Supporter and representative
·         Champion on your behalf when you are not in the room

·         Sponsors with the power to elevate you
·         Influencer
·         Decision Maker
·         Authority to get you to the next level

An effective coach – day to day communications, candid, timely and in the moment coaching.
An effective Mentor – First needs to be an effective coach.  One on One focus on development goals and where the person wants to go, but this should not be considered a review or at the same time as a review.  Listen to goals, share lessons learned along the way.
An effective Advocate – Listens for opportunities for others, throws other’s name in the hat, and champion others whenever possible.  Know the person’s strengths as well as weaknesses, goals and aspirations in order to advocate for a good match between the opportunity and the person you are advocating for. 

Who is your Mentor?
Who is your Sponsor?  Do you have or need more than one?
Who is your Advocate?  Have you told this person what you want, your goals and aspirations?

Who are you Mentoring?
Who are you Sponsoring?
Who are you advocating for?  Do you know that persons goals and aspirations?

Get started today, it is never too late!

Best of luck in your journeys, and please feel free to share your thoughts and advice.

Your Favorite Redhead,

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